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HealthyLands Inc. provides " SMILES " centered on the
Restaurant and Cafe business.


HealthyLands Group is developing a Restaurant and Cafe business centered on Thailand cuisine.

At HealthyLands Group, you can enjoy a variety of authentic Thai cuisine prepared by authentic Thai chefs using plenty of carefully selected ingredients from designated production areas.
Desserts and Drink Cafes with plenty of tropical fruits are also popular.
We offer a variety of food and drinks, from authentic Thai cuisine to desserts and cafes.
We will do our best to deliver more "DELICIOUS" and "SMILES" to everyone.

Enjoy authentic Thailand cuisine with
"Uber Eats".

At HealthyLands Group, we are currently offering "Uber Eats". You can order from authentic Thai cuisine to desserts and cafe menus.
Please feel free to use it.


HealthyLands Brand

HealthyLands Group Restaurant & Cafe

本格的タイ料理レストラン タイ オーキット

Thai Orchid

Authentic Thailand Restaurant


Asian Salad

Healthy diet foods & vegetable salad


Asian Dessert & Cafe

The Chicken Ric

The Chicken Rice

Asian Ethnic Flavored Chicken Rice

タイ ラーメン

Thailand Ramen

Authentic Thai-style noodles

トールンド タイ料理&カラオケ


Thai Restaurant & Karaoke


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